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Small to midsized businesses have been left out of the IT loop in the past due to cost constraints and network complexities. But with the increasing dependence on electronics and technology in general - computers, PDAs, e-mail, and Internet - even today's smallest business cannot afford to put off finding a network solution as soon as possible. Whether you need a few computers connected or you're looking for an entire networking plan that allows for growth and expansion, Network Infrastructure Technology has a networking solution that is right for you. Our networking and security solutions for customer allow you many flexible options so you can be competitive. We also design and build the network that will change with your needs and growth.

Customer can take advantage of our network and security solutions:
  • Technical support - call up a knowledgeable technician for expert troubleshooting
  • Network installation - finally get what you want from your equipment with a more efficient system installed
  • Network management - leave certain projects up to professional IT managers so you can focus on running your business
  • Network maintenance and backup - our proactive maintenance and backup can prevent problems before they arise
  • Network Security – finally get peace of mind with our firewall, VPN, IDS and IPS solution
  • Vulnerability Management – Allows organization to ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations
Enterprises can take advantage of these network solutions:
  • Network risk and security audit - eliminate and block intruders, and restore a secure network
  • Outsourcing and IT manager - completely unburden your staff by outsourcing all IT management to us
  • Global network management - maximize your network performance to reach all around the world
  • Computer network services - connect all your equipment, including peripherals
  • Manage ment security - don't be perplexed by your machines any longer; let us take charge of your security

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