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360 NetworkCARE
Our 360 networkCARE monitors 24x7x365 your critical network systems such as E-mail, Servers, Security Devices, Network Devices and virus detection. It allows us to proactively alert the network operation center (NOC) in case of a failure or potential problem with your network. In the event a problem is detected, we will immediately take corrective action

remotely - providing an essential tool to ensure network reliability and availability. Moreover, our 360 networkCARE solution is a great supplement to your on-site engineer when he or she is not scheduled on-site or during off-hours.

  • 24x7x365 Monitoring
  • Alert and Notification via email
  • Phone Support
  • On-Demand dynamic portal and reporting

360 networkCARE can save you time and money by allowing us to identify network problems before they occur. In fact, many problems can be resolved quickly by our remote help desk, which allows you to reserve on-site support hours for preventive maintenance or for only the most serious network problems.

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